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    This was very strange. I just sent a 300K picturemail to a friend and after it sent I landed in an empty messaging folder. All of my text history vanished instantly. Has anyone heard of this? It could be a po'd girlfriend playing a trick, but Ive been good lately so I kind of doubt it. Please let me know something ASAP. Thanks
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    I've had all of my messages disapear out of the blue as well. I've heard of it happening mostly when you have tons of messages, regardless of sending a picturemail or not. If you want them back simply hotsync and have your PC over write the Treo for the messaging database.
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    Just started a new thread about this. Sure wish I could erase it now - hint, hint, mods. Did a search first, but I guess I used the wrong terms?

    Anyway here is my post from my thread:

    I send MANY text messages every day. I recieve many more. I purge them every couple weeks, and that usually clears out about 1800 messages just from my inbox.

    I don't send much picture mail, but I did send 1 tonight. When it was done, I swapped out my battery for a fresh one. After the phone was done booting up, I noticed that I no longer had an SMS notifacation icon. It's always there, usually saying that I have about 250 unread messages.

    So, I had to find my way into the Messaging program - and that's where I found that all my messages are now toast. Inbox, Saved, Drafts, etc. If there's a way to get them back, I'd love to hear it. Otherwise, just let this serve as a warning.

    Naturally, I've reset the phone a few times hoping they'd come back. No luck. Unfortunately, due to a computer problem, I haven't done a HotSync in more than a couple of weeks. Not that I'm sure SMS's are archieved anyway. Final question: Would one of those 'auto-backup to SD Card' programs been able to save me here? I keep meaning to look into those.
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    NV Backup would do the trick.

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