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    a few months after purchasing it, and getting it pretty stable, i'm ready to leap into getting some better ringtones on my 700p. i'd like recommendation(s) for a good stable program that won't conflict with my datebk6. something relatively easy? no 'copy this and convert that on your sd card' kind of thing...i don't think my heart can take that! these programs have the ringtones avail? or do i need the program and then have to find the ringtone. i want to get 'peter and the wolf' on for my daughter's ringtone and wondering where to find such a thing.

    thanks for your help.


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    Just rip AAC files in low kbps (I use 48kbps) and then upload to a website that will sms you a link to download the song. The 700p accepts the download as a selectable ringtone. Go to Pref's and choose your new tone and your all set.
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    phone technician has a link to a free ringtone site built into it.

    You can try it for free and can always use the link to download ringtones without registering.
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