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    tzone has most ports blocked. eMail ports are open and any app that allows you to enter a web proxy address (it used to be and probably still is port 8080, which can be entered on address line as if there is no separate port configuration) will let you get http access. All other service ports are blocked, for example, https, so no secure shopping or banking.

    The kicker is that tzones is sometimes, and in some places, completely open on all ports for no appearant reason.

    Hope that's clear.
    I had to upgrade to the data plan when I configured my 650 to use MS ActiveSync.

    I hate that T-Mo raised the price of their data plan and included HotSpot. I have no personal use for their WiFi service. I only use it on business trips and then I can expense the service fees - so they are not coming out of my pocket. Even on business trips very use T-Mo's WiFi service.

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    I got the red one for my wife on Friday from the Palm store at the Unoin Station. We are on T-Mobile's family plan. Everything is fine so far. T-Zone works too. Tried bluetooth reverse DUN using PC broadband. The speed is awesome with the new Blazer! We have not tried the Versamail yet on the 680.
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    Anybody having trouble connecting to data service with TMO today? I can't get any connection at all. It simply won't get past the "signing on" stage. It finally boots me off saying "GPRS Connection not available. Check your settings in Network Preferences, or try again later" but of course they haven't changed in years, and worked last night fine.
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    I had the same issues earlier...just did a soft reset and was able to connect again to tzones and access email and web via proxy.
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    You're right. Stupid me. Why didn't I do that? It's working again. Thanks.
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    Well-here's a recurring issue with T-Mobile. On my 680, as on others-I cannot receive full-size MMS messages. I know this is a T-Mo issue, because when I try it with a Cingular (at the time) sim, BINGO! Full-sized picture messages! This is VERY frustrating! Apparently, T-Mobile limits the size or the throughput of picture messages? What is their problem?
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    I don't know what their problem is, but this is well known.
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    And quite frustrating!!! And going on FAR TOO LONG!!
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    I usually get a url link from t-mobile telling me that i've received an MMS, and then I have to go to some site they've setup for me to view it.

    Just a few days ago, though, I received some kind of sound file through MMS that a friend had sent me, I didn't even know it could do that.
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