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    I'm still bummed that the Treo doesn't have wireless DUN out of the box. And given my dislike of PDANet (formed by having the thing crash repeatedly on my laptop and Treo 600), I was thinking of another solution.

    Is it possible to get a bluetooth or Wi-fi card for the Treo 700wx and then use the device to link together the EV-DO and bluetooth/wifi network?

    That way I can use peer to peer on my laptop to do wireless DUN.

    Any thoughts or have I been drinking funny water?

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    700wx has bluetooth in it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever7 View Post
    700wx has bluetooth in it.
    Not bluetooth 2.0 with EDR or even Bluetooth 1.x with DUN.

    If I can pay slightly more for a wifi card or bluetooth 2.0 card and use that for tethering, there is no reason why I would want to use the internal bluetooth and pay for PDANet to access slow DUN. Obviously it would make more sense to add a wifi card.

    I know of plenty of people with a wireless adapter in their laptop who add a new PCMCIA adapter so that they can get faster connectivity.

    So has anybody managed to get a wifi card to work in the 700wx as a bridge/router/gateway? (whatever the technical term is for using it how I described in my first post)


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