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    I'm about to get my first Treo (The 680)...but wanted to hear from the wisdom of Treo 650 experience!

    When using a Treo in a car for calls...what works best?

    Best way to hear incoming call?

    Best way to have your own voice heard? Visor bluetooth gadget...head piece unit....some sort of lapel mic??

    I've searched around and seen all manner of solutions..from Seidio G4500M Speaker Car Kits to Jabra buying Pioneer car stereos with bluetooth feature....

    Main things I'm after are:

    Ability to charge treo
    Ability to have my voice heard
    Ability to hear voice of caller.
    Potential to plug in GPS receiver some day

    What can you recommend? Thanks for any advice!

    I guess I can plug the call through the car audio system via the 2.5mm audio jack...but what about
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    This is probably a better topic for the Bluetooth forum... but I use a Parrot EasyDrive and it's a love-hate relationship. Voice dial works ok but often I have to repeat the contact name. Sound quality is mediocre (could use more volume and mic placement is tough). If I could justify the price I'd get their CK3300 which is an installed kit that uses your stereo for output, has a visor-mount mic (better noise rejection) and has a bluetooth GPS that reportedly can be used simultaneously with voice on the 650.
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    Looks like this would be your best solution:
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