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    I guess many of you thought "the WHAT?" when you read the heading...

    The thing is, Palm has decided that their Norwegian customers no longer need capital , so they removed it altogether. This is a letter in the norwegian alphabet (a-z, , , ) and admittedly it's not the most widely used letter but to decide to remove the possibility to type it altogether is pretty stupid IMO.
    After all, we didn't make a fuzz about having to use the Alt key to type , and , and since it didn't take up keyboard space why remove it?

    (BTW, I'm glad my name isn't ystein or yvind which are both pretty popular names in Norway)
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    If someone was to modify the HsExtensions2.0_enUS.prc file, we could make this to whatever we like.

    See here
    Unlocked GSM 680

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