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    I tried syncing my Treo 650 and Macbook using Missing Sync. Everything synced great except for the Tasks. On the MB, I have A LOT of tasks (or To-Dos, or whatever they're called) duplicated, mainly payments (rent, credit card, etc.) The date on the MB is the same, so it's not posting all of the recurring ones.

    That's my main problem, and I can fix it by deleting them. The thing is, my Missing Sync trial is over and I'm worried about purchasing it if this is how the To-Dos are going to be. Is there a setting I missed or something?

    On the Treo, everything's fine. I'm syncing it with my PC, and everything's going fine with that.
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    I have had no problems syncing my many ToDos with Missing Sync and my Treo 700p
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    Well, I'm not sure where all the extras are coming from. I have let's say 20 Payments for Discover all due on 10/3/06 (just an example). I was busy with school and everything, when I first demoed it, and didn't get to really play around with it until after the demo period.

    I don't know, I may just wait. With the rumors on the iPhone coming next year, I may be going with that. I really hate dropping all this money on software and I can't even do anything with them if I switch.
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    I have had this occasionally happen with tasks, events, contacts, and especially memos on my 650/powerbook syncing with missing sync but found that the program undupe by stevenscreek software clears up the duplicates nicely. You may wish to check it out.
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    Is it on the mac or treo that I use it on? The Treo's fine, even when I would sync it to the duplicate tasks, they didn't carry over.
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    undupe is a palm program. If you manually correct the duplicates on the mac in ical, then use the mac overides handheld option in missing sync tasks conduit that should fix it. If it does not I don't know what to tell you.

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