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    I've searched the TC and Palm Support forums and have not been able to find step-by-step instructions. Perhaps I'm not using the proper keywords.

    I just purchased a new laptop that will become my primary computer. I want to transfer all of my palm data and 3rd party apps (with data) to my new computer.

    If it matters, I'm hotsyncing a Sprint Treo 700P with a Windows XP PC via USB. My new computer uses XP also. Please point me in the right direction.

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    My experience with my T3 is that is very simple. Simply install the Palm desktop on your computer and then HotSynch. Everything should be there.
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    Don't forget to re-download or reinstall any third-party applications that run their own installers, such as Documents to Go, in order for their sync conduits to be set up.
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    Does your laptop have BlueTooth?
    ONE can be spelled as NEO.
    There is no spoon.

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