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    I'm planning on upgrading from the Treo 650 to 680.

    Instead of the $125 Trade-in from Palm, I think I will try to sell it on eBay as it's still in pretty good condition. But before I sell it I just had some questions I was wondering if any of you had comments on...

    1. Should I erase everything on the Treo? I want to make sure none of my personal information gets left on, but was thinking about leaving on some of my applications. Is this safe?

    2. I've got other extras to include with it that may not be compatible with the 680, such as the extra 650 battery. However, the cradle and charger are the same, is that right?

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    Hard reset the unit and toss in the batt in the deal, the 650 batt ain't gonna do anything for your 680.

    How much you selling it btw?
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    Yeah the 680 uses the same cradle and sync cables as the 650 so I'd just hold on to'em
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    Thanks guys! The Treo 650 with extra battery, I think I'll start a no-reserve eBay auction with a starting bid of $160. I still have the original box in pristine condition with all the manuals and cables.

    "The future will be better tomorrow."
    - Dan Quayle

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