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    I would appreciate recommendations for the "best" Bluetooth earpiece available for the Treo 680. TIA.
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    I've tried just about every BT headset and so far I think that the Plantronics 655 is about the best. It's lacking in talk time, just under 4 hours without using the aaa battery charger, but the sound quality is great. Also you may want to consider the Sony hbh-iv835 also very cool headset, you don't have to change the volume it does it automatically depending on how loud the sound is around you
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    I've tried various manufacturers - Jabra, Moto's, Palm and others. I also come back to a Plantronics because of sound level and quality.

    This thread will generate a lot of personal preferences but I vote Plantronics.
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    I've been extremely happy with the Jabra JX10 headset. It's comfortable, easy to use, and the battery life is very good, with good call quality and mic reception.
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    I'm trying out the Plantronics 655 right now. Some people say it's got a lot of echo. Others say I sound great.

    Earpiece volume is MUCH better than ANY Moto BT that I've used (I had the 700 but am going to return it - could barely hear the person I was talking to, and getting it on/off with that funky earloop thing and the flip boom was a pain).

    The downside to the Plantronics is the "lag time" in pickup. Couple of seconds on average.
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    I've got the Plantronics 655 as well. Sounds great. I also use my Garmin Nuvi 360 navigation system in my car and it works ok with that.

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