Treo 680 - First impressions. Got mine yesterday from Expansys UK. They seem to be the only UK place with stocks at the moment. I've used a Treo 650 for about 18 months so much of this is a comparison with that.

Firstly its amazing what a difference not having the aerial makes, it seems more like a modern phone with it removed. I was highly sceptical when I first saw the new size figures and Palms claims that its smaller in reality, it only has a few millimetres chopped here and there. However it does seem sleeker than the 650 and they have cleverly trimmed the case to feel more contoured and smaller than it really is: it feels like a REAL mobile phone now. Weigh-wise it is lighter and this is noticeable in the pocket though not completely unnoticeable like a Motorola RZR 3. As a former Treo 650 user I am completely confused by the button layout they have moved everything around! The menu key which was top right is now bottom left. The home key which was top left is now middle right arrgh!!! Thankfully the calendar button has remained in place! I can see very little difference between the quality of the screen compared to the 650 the 680 screen is a bit more yellow. As my 650 was locked to Orange UK phone network, having access to the full Treo phone app is a nice surprise, now I know what I have been missing! The text message software has been spruced up: now you can type a name into the send field and it does a dropdown filter as you type in the recipients' name, cool! It also now shows the recipients' name rather than showing just their number another improvement over the 650. With the 680 palm you get increased the memory, now 64M and boy does this feel like a lot. This amount of memory should have been provided with the 650 as well as on the 650 I used to get soft resets when available memory fell below the 10m mark.

The media application has been renamed pics&video and it now seems to cache thumbnails making navigating much quicker, in addition copying pictures from memory to the SD card is now much faster.

Application compatibility so far has been good, the following apps at least run, though I haven't given them a good test yet.

Phone technician.

Hats off to hobbyist software as they have already updated butler to work with the Treo 680!

A word about battery life: I fully charged mine this morning and by 7pm I have about 38% power. Usage has not been excessive, 1 hour or so writing this, a 5 min phone conversation, a few texts and 20 or so email checks. The price for less weight and bulk seems to be battery life (the mA/Hr capacity of the battery is less) I am hoping that the battery life might improve after a few charges: you never know :-)

In summary my first impressions of the Treo 680: it feels like a modernised and updated version of what the Treo 650 should have been. Not an essential upgrade from the 650 but better if you can afford to swop. I'm pleased so far that I made the change.

I will followup again when I've used it a little more, any questions just post em here.