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    Hello Treo Users,

    This week I got a new Verizon Treo 700p and I love it. One of the motivations for getting it was the Gmail Mobile App that Google came out with a month ago and now the new Opera Mini Beta 3.

    So I go to and then go to on my Treo..........and both sites tell me that the Treo 700p is not supported with those applications. The Opera Mini apparenlty doesnt support 'Verizon Brew Phones' and the Gmail page says that they only support the Treo 650 and that I need Java Virtual Machine.

    So I have a Verizon Treo 700p - can someone please advise me on if they are running these apps on their Verizon 700p and how you got them to work.

    I didnt try to download either of them because of all the message boards talking about how they crash the unsupported phones..............calling all Verizon 700p users - do any of you have either of these apps working fine on your machine and if so - what steps did you take to get them......

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    You can get gmail on pop3, which means it will work for versamail. Haven't tried the prc app.

    Opera mini works but it's a terrible app, you just need to install IMB java environment to make it work. It's not worth your time to try it.
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    Opera was a terrible app. They re-released version 3 and it works so much better on the 700p now.
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    I use gmail through Versamail which is resident on the 700P. You need to contact Verizon support for the Treo- probably level 2, to find out how to configure the pop3 account. They should be able to help you. On the Sprint Treo 700P, you go to "account setup" in Versamail, select "new," and select gmail from the dropdown email server list. The rest of the setup is then pre-populated correctly. Verizon may do it differently.
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    Well, at first when trying Opera mini version 3, I thought it sux that they still have those damn huge bars on top and bottom.
    I tried Font smother with Tahoma F5 7pt size font and .... NICE
    It even made the stupid bars on top and bottom smaller. It's faster than blazer and might be swayed if, video & audio links work with the appropriate applications..

    Check it out..
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    I can only speak as a Sprint 700p user, but it is possible to get the Gmail Mobile App onto the 700p. Use the info in this thread:

    You must install the Java environment onto the phone first, you can checkout this thread:
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    They are supported, just not listed. Most anything that shows the 650 will work on the 700p - though not always. I have both on my 700p and they run fine. Ben
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    I run both on my 700p, and theey work great.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    So did you get Opera Mini to work with Verizon?

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