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    OK, so I ordered about 15min after the site went live last week.
    Called Palm today to cancel after hearing that I could get from store and FedEx'd to me. They said no because my order had "movement" today - which she said most likely means it started to box for shipment tonight/tomorrow

    Well, I just got the following email (11/30 3:13pm PST) - I really think there has been movement!

    Dear xxxxx:

    Thank you for ordering from Palm Sales. This email confirms that
    your order xxxxxxxx began processing on 11/30/06. You will not be
    charged for the item(s) that you ordered until you receive an e-mail
    confirming that they have been shipped.

    The link below will supply you with the most recent order status.
    Please allow up to 1 hour for this information to update on our
    website from the time you receive this e-mail.
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    PS Order status online still says "order received" but the email says to give an hour to update -- will keep you posted on any changes...

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