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    Just got my new 700p up and running (moved from a 600) and am looking for lists or suggestions of PDA formatted web sites to visit in Blazer. Web surfing on the 600 wasn't so bad, but the hi-res screen and EVDO is great.

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    If you're a MySpace fan, does a decent job rendering key functions. The mobile google rendering has much more functionality.
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    I am a big techie fan, and online blogs Engadget and Joystiq have superb websites that scale pretty nice to the Treo's Blazer.

    Yelp has a very good website dedicated to the Treo as well.

    It may not be a website, but you MUST download Google Maps. Trust me on this one, this is THE APP for Treo owners.
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    Netflix and Yelp have great mobile sites
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    ... so I made and use my own page, which I use as the home button and base of operations to my online Treo jaunts.

    Easy access to Google's proxy (I call it the Google Scraper), and lots of handy Treo-ready sites. if they're not already Treo-ready, I setup the URLs so they go via the Google Scraper first.

    Have a look. its at:

    I've sometimes thought about doing a real streamlined collaborative Treo bookmarks Wiki. but its gotta be real quick to load and real handy.

    Anyone interested in doing something like that?

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