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    My "alarm" when I used TreoAlarm was about 2 days a week hearing the phone turn back on as the Treo did a reset.

    Dumped that POS and went to some other options for a while, but settled on Butler. It works 100%.

    As a bootnote, I found that if I disabled the weather updating in TreoAlarm it was more stable. Kind of defeated the whole purpose of it for me, however. So I wound up buying TreoAlarm, poopooing it, and buying 4Cast and Butler. They work great.
    I will keep the above in mind! I have never seen mine reset as yours has. And I had forgotten that TreoAlarm had the weather built in. I used it a lot in the beginning, but then it stopped working and I quit looking at it. But now that you brought it up, I just tried it and it seems to be working again!!

    Strange how it works for some and not for others....
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    The only alarm clock in my house used to be the Calendar alarm in my PALM Zire72. Now that I bought the Treo 680 I continue to use the Calendar for all alarms. It even has a snooze so it works great.
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