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    Hi--Our company uses websense to block access to most live music streaming sites, which means that I can't listen to streaming music via my pc while at work. I was wondering if there was a way to stream such music from my treo and somehow get it to either (a) play via my computer's multimedia or (b) hook it up to another set of speakers so that I'm not walking around with a bluetooth device in my ear (which would be very antisocial). I'd be happy with a lower sound quality, as it will mostly be techno/ambient stuff--strictly background music.

    Any ideas or workarounds would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!
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    Almost any of the "ipod" or portable speakers will work. They mostly have a 3.5mm plug and you need to get a 2.5 mm adapter for your Treo. The best one is the Siedio adapter from the TreoCentral store.
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    Thanks for the information--

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