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    I was going to install Intellisync. I HotSynced and it was taking forever to install something called PKGinstall, so I just cancelled the HotSync.

    Now I know I don't even want Intellisync, so I uninstalled it from my PC and deleted the files from my Treo.

    But now every time I HotSync, it tries to install Intellisync again and it takes so long, I just end up cancelling the HotSync.

    Obviously I have disabled "install new files" and "quick install" in the "custom" HotSync setting, but this is not a permanent solution. The next time I need to install something on my Treo I will need to enable those again and then it will try and install the stupid Intellisync thing again.

    Any help is much appreciated!
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    It,s in your backup folder. C/Palm/phoned/username/backup
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    I've got something similar:

    c:\Program Files\palmone\username\backup

    But in that directory I cannot find any files pertaining to Intellisync, Nokia or PKGInstaller...

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