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    My 680 came yesterday. After I got home I installed the software on the desktop. (All of my 650 calendars and contacts moved over flawlessly.) I followed the suggestions of others and did a "clean" onstall when I synched. I renamed my Palm backup folder and then added my other stuff one by one. No issues or resets. I used the new SIM that Cingular supplied and activated it with no issues.

    The only software that doesn't seem to work is Treo Tools. I use it to turn the Treo on and off automatically between 7:00AM and 10:00PM. Anyone have any sugestions?

    Other than that it's the easiest install/transition I've ever done.

    The unit seems solid. sound quality is great. I just ordered a SENA Leatherskin case ($39).

    When I get my $125 for the 650 trade it I will look at a spare battery and maybe Tom Tom.
    Dennis G. Esler
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    Did you get the Palm unlocked or Cingular version?
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    Umm, where did you order it from and which color, etc....
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    I got a graphite through the Cingular Premier site. The only other "glitch" is that I ordered a No-Camera model but got a regular one.
    Total cost with shipping was $265.
    Dennis G. Esler
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    there is no no camera model yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe View Post
    there is no no camera model yet.
    The Cingular Premier site defenitley offered it and accepted my order for it.

    Directly from my order confirmation:

    One-Time Charges

    Palm Treo 680 (Non Camera) $689.99
    Savings -$415.00

    I think they just screwed up when they fillde the order.
    Dennis G. Esler

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