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    Got the 680 yesterday.
    Backed up the 650 a couple of times to the Palm Desktop and also ran one with BackupMan (to be sure).
    Inserted the Cingular CD, followed the directions...

    It took awhile, but it was all there (other than a couple of trampled conduits: PocketMirror and TrackerDog).

    Relatively painless.

    Things I've noticed:

    The ringtones for your "favorites" aren't there anymore - however check the contacts and you'll find them there (yes, each individual contact can have their own ringtone).

    Seems a little sluggish as compared to the 650 - I wonder if they slowed down the CPU to improve battery life?

    Also, DUN is not on the Bluetooth menu...Has anyone had luck setting up a bluetooth DUN session with a Cingular 680? PDANET isn't available yet for the 680, so I'm stuck until JuneFabrics gets the next version out or someone figures out to turn DUN back on.....

    The folks at JuneFabrics just emailed me with a 680 compatible build of PDANET. I'm back in business (via USB). Still futzing around with the Bluetooth PDANET connection - doesn't seem to want to cooperate...
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    I just got my 680 last week and am using Goodlink, which takes over the contacts applet. So I don't get personalized ringtones...
    However, my DUN over Bluetooth was right out of the box.. not too shabby...
    Where are we?? And why am I in this handbasket?!?!?!?

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