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    I just tried 2 different Plantronics 2.5mm stereo 2-in-1 earphone/handsfree kits and the results were the same with my 700P and P-Tunes - only the left earphone poduces any audio, and it is fairly mediocre quality at that for decent MP3 files. I've double checked the connector and it appeared fully seated during both tests. Both earphones were definitely stereo as their 2.5mm connectors had 2 contacts on them.

    Is there some noob error I'm making and not setting the output to stereo somewhere? I can't believe the 700P is designed to run with only 1 channel of audio.

    My 700P is a warranty replacement and may be a refurbished unit so I'm hoping I don't have to go through the hassle of trying to get yet another replacement if the earphone jack is faulty. The first replacement they sent me had a faulty charging system and wouldn't charge the battery!

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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    Sorry Jeff but, your headphone jack is jacked. I had to have 3 treos replaced this year because of the headphone jack. Just take your phone back to your cell phone carrier and they should replace it. Palm should make better quality products.
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    Damn - that is what I thought. Thanks!

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    I wouldn't assume it is the headphone jack. There have been some issues with some headsets not working because of impedence issues. It causes only one side to work. It has been discussed on this board. Did this headset ever work correctly on your Treo? Try a search.

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