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    Other than being annoying.
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    The reset process does not harm the device or wear it out anymore than normal use.

    The bad thing would be if the device is doing it on it's own -- or that you are forced to do a soft or hard or another type of reset continually to fix a freeze or glitch. If this is happening -- we need to do some housekeeping -- 99% of the time, glitches are software conflict or corruption issues and not the fault of the hardware.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Would it be best to do a hard reset and start over with loading the software?
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    Yes. If you have the patience, use the Treo for a few days after installing major aapplications to narrow down the culprit.

    Also, if you Hotsync after a hard reset, it will re-install all the applications from the Backup folder on your PC. Rename that folder before Hotsyncing after a hard reset. Then you'll get a clean Treo with all your Calendar, Tasks, Memos and Contacts (but no 3rd party applications).
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    What aprasad said . . . . . .

    But here are the step by step instructions:

    Do a hotsync of your 680 to back up all of your PIM data.
    then do a hard reset:

    (Install the 680 Desktop from the CD, if you had not done this previously -- you can install it right over the top of your existing one -- if you had one.)

    3. Rename your backup folder on your PC to backupold (Programs>Palm>userid>backup to backupold) ...Hopefully that's the path that Handspring used, but you get the idea. (The backup folder houses the 3rd party software you have installed in case a back up from a hard reset is necessary -- renaming the folder takes it out of the loop.)

    4. Before you proceed, right click the Hotsync Manager icon in the program tray, choose Custom and check the action of your PIM conduits (Calendar, Tasks, Memos, Contacts); if any are set to "Handheld overwrites desktop", change them to either Synchronize or DT overwrites HH - otherwise, you will delete all the PIM data on the desktop.

    5. Hot Sync the 680 to your userid.

    You should have a clean Treo 680 with only your PIM data brought back.

    Now install your desired 3rd party software fresh onto the 680 -- NOT from a backup! (Also, get the newest version, while you are at it.) When you Hot Sync again, a new backup folder is created, with the freshly installed 3rd party software backed up the way the 680 likes it.)

    Do this 3rd party install -- one app at a time and run with that configuration for a day to see if THAT app is causing any issues. Continue with this one-a-day process until you are fully installed.

    Enjoy your new Treo!

    Cheers, Perry.
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    I followed your instructions and had a SMOOTH transition from my 650.
    Dennis G. Esler

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