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    Ok I know this will sound silly and probably cant be done, but previously before my 680 I had a Cing 8125 (which I hated)... Anyway, on the 8125 we did a lot of stuff by using various ROMs from different phone providers. So it got me thinking if the 750 and the 680 are very similair devices could you just get a 750 ROM and install it on a 680?
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    No, the hardware of the 680 is very different from the 750 -- different processor, different card slot, different screen, different radio.
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    Thats kind of what I thought.... thanks for the reply.
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    Yes, silly question. Different screens, different radios, different memory configurations, different buttons (power is on a different button).

    Magic eight-ball says not likely!
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    More like impossible. If you felt like it, the 750's housing can probably be modified to fit a 680's innards (cut a full-sized SD slot).
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