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    Yesterday the 1300 or so contacts on my laptop's Outlook contact list disappeared--the contact list is there, it's just blank. Yet all contacts still look fine on my Treo 700w. When I create a new contact on my phone it shows up a few seconds later on my PC, but the old ones no longer sync. Even if I change one on the phone, it still does't sync to the PC.

    What can I do to get these to sync? Or is there a way just to export the contacts from my phone and import them back into my PC's Outlook. I afraid Goodlink will decide to overwrite the contacts on my phone with the blank contact list on my PC! I backed-up Goodlink to my SD card, but I don't know how to use that feature to correct this issue.

    Everything else related to Goodlink for my Treo 700w is also working fine.
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    That sounds like an Exchange issue since the contacts are on Exchange. Check with your Exchange Admin.
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    Is there a way to export contacts from Treo to my SD cart in a format that Excel or Outlook can read?
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    The Good contacts are not on the phone. They are on Exchange. That being said, no, you can't export anything from Good as it is all encrypted on the device.

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