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    I know this question has been covered before but I just wanted to verify...

    (besides proxy mode) Are both PDAnet-DUN and Tethered-Hack-Dun ways of "fooling" sprint into thinking your using normal data usage and not tethering?

    If so.. I suppose the reason people pay $35 for PDAnet is for better speeds?
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    I use PdaNet sparingly during demos and whatnot if I don't have any other means of Internet connectivity. I also occasionally use it in airports and hotels but again, I use it sparingly. That said, I have never been dinged for its use on my bill.

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    I have an "unlimited" data plan with Sprint and PDAnet for Treo 700P that I use with my Treo 700 to connect my laptop to to go online. It works perfectly with my USB cable.
    My question is, will Sprint be able to tell that I'm using the phone as a modem? And then try charging me extra for it? At one time I was paying $50 for a month to month plan which included having PAM (phone as modem), but I can't afford to do that again. Is there some way I can check to find out for sure that they won't know?
    I'm sure the question has been answered elsewhere, but in doing a search it comes up with hundreds of posts.

    Thanks, Ken
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoneo View Post
    I cannot connect with bluetooth at all!
    I'm guessing it's a problem with your PC's BT stack. I could not get it to work with a ZOOM (Toshiba stack) Class 1 BT adaptor. However, it works fine with my CompUSA Class 1 BT (Widcomm stack). It will also work with a D-Link DBT120 class 2 BT adaptor (Widcomm stack), but only within a short distance from your PC. With the Class 1 I can stay connected anywhere within sight distance (up to 1/2 mile).

    Now, as for PDANet. I have had problems with it disconnecting during a session. Sometimes quite frequently. The only way I have found to prevent disconnection is to use 'Proxy Mode.' Limited instructions are included with this by the authors, but basically it will put an icon window on your screen. From there, you can "add apps" which will use the proxy connection. All other apps will not use PDAnet's connection.

    By using the proxy mode, I have been able to maintain connections indefinitely.

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