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    I am new to GPS and will likely be an infrequent user. Therefore I think I would probably do fine with one of the lower cost, make your own PDA GPS kits. I am looking for any experience anybody has with software, GPS receivers, general 700P compatability, mounting kits, etc.
    Some general Treo questions.
    Is screen size adequate for 50 year old eyes?
    Is speaker volume on the Treo adequate or does one need one of the dedicated cradles with built in speakers?
    Thanks in advance
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    As a 48 year old...NO! Unless you use reading glasses and want to spend a lot of time staring at the screen..
    The visibility is fine for looking up a number or name, but if you want to use GPS for navigation and looking at a map that is moving, I don't think the view screen is adequate.
    I use my wife's TomTom GPS unit which is larger.
    As to the speaker, I prefer the TomTom.
    My advice, wait until Dec. 26 and look for a TomTom, Garmin or Magellan.
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    For the cost and all the extras you have to carry around with it you are better off buying a Garmin navigation system. They are on sale around the holiday times and have more functionality in my experience. The sound and visuals on them are a lot better too. Just my 2 cents
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    I find the 700p and 650 screens to be too small when using "on the go" and that is the reason I have gone no further than Google Maps on either unit. When I finally do go with GPS, I will also purchase a stand-alone unit. Ben
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    I would have to disagree with the previous comments. I use tomtom and sometimes telenav with a globalsat gps receiver and I think is a great solution to a stand alone gps. those saying the treo has tO many components for gps just isn't true. it involves my treo which never leaves my side and and a small gps receiver that can easily fit in my pocket. I would much rather take a smal bt gps rather then an entire gps unit if I'm going from car to car. as far as the volume goes I usually don't go above 20 percent in tom tom and I can hear it fine. for a few hundred dollars I don't think you can go wrong. just my 2 cents
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    Heh...I purchased the GPS option when I bought my car. Heck, they come in Honda's now, and with the GPS integrated into the car, you have no trouble hearing instructions as the system mutes the front speakers while it dictates.
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    Well, I really didn't see the size or bulk of the hardware as a likely issue. It seems like you either carry a small GPS receiver or a slightly larger dedicated unit. What is connect/startup time like on these units?

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