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    Are there any apps that let you quicklauncher, other than Zlauncher?
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    Gosh, there are more than bunches, there are tons of them.

    There is Initiate from

    There is Launcher X from

    There is Facer from

    And bunches more. I tried all before going with ZLauncher and the last day off played with all of them again and have stayed with ZLauncher.

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    i am looking for one that can be launched in any app
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    Oh, I see what you mean. I did not find anything like that. Ben
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    Have you looked at Hi-Launcher (
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkY View Post
    Have you looked at Hi-Launcher (
    Hi-Launcher is excellent - very customizable and allows easy access to just about anything you can think of through easily created menus which can be activated in any app by assigning it to a hard button.
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    Wow works great. thanks. Easy setup too
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    You should check out TypeRight. I've been using for about 2 months and it's great.
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    Can you run both TypeRight and KeyCaps? I seem to remember a free program that did the same as TypeRight.
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    Check out Aardquick. Different, but I really like it.
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    McPhling at is also very good. I use it in conjunction with ZLauncher at keep a list of frequently used apps handy. It will also let you toggle between two apps without exiting to your apps list.
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    Great suggestions team! Although these quick launch solutions are cool, I have not been able to replace Tealmaster/Slow Launch (old school & a little buggy). I just want a simple hard key + long hold launcher for 700p. Any sugestions would be appreciated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by slorandy View Post
    Can you run both TypeRight and KeyCaps? I seem to remember a free program that did the same as TypeRight.
    I'm running TypeRight alongside KeyCaps on a Treo 650. Generally speaking, this combo works fine but you need to tag the associated apps as exclusions to work properly. For example, if you want to use KeyCaps within the Contacts app, you have to specify Contacts as an "Excluded App".

    I had been using a similar freeware app called PetitLaunch, but TypeRight works faster for me. PetitLaunch requires 2 key presses instead of just one press/hold with TypeRight. I was also using McPhling to keep the list of recently used apps, but that functionality is also built into TypeRight.

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