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    It would be pretty nice to be able to broadcast p-tunes via bluetooth to a bluetooth capable care stereo.

    I have been using my phone to listen to streaming internet radio on my phone using p-tunes. It would be pretty cool to listen to it on my truck stereo. I dont see any reason that it cant be done. Maybe I should email the developers of P-tunes about this.

    Anybody know of a program that is capable of doing this already? Steve
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    SAG-Softick Audio Gateway transmits audio (A2DP) over BT. Works pretty well w/ headsets, don't know how you would get the signal to your stereo though...
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    If you try "SAG" with such a car stereo, please let us know your results (i.e., whether it works or not). E.g., the Sony MEX-BT5000:

    Some stereos can also be modified to include an input from a bluetooth receiver, but I don't recall the details. You can start here:
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    According to some of the information on the Sony stereo, it only plays to the front speakers while receiving bluetooth. They do mention that it is intended to receive bluetooth from other devices too, i.e. music players. I am sure this can be done. I think it just comes down to a software issue with p-tunes being able to transmit over bluetooth. Steve
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    My phone can't find my bluetooth samsung WEP150.
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    hey my Treo 650 won't find any devices in Discovery Results. Blue tooth is on, Discoveryable is On, Dial- up networking off. Bluetooth NAE-001 is on. you guys have any ideas?

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