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    Wonder if the Lag issues some are noticing are causing Palm to sit on all the Unlocked units so they can load updates to them?
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    Could it be the cingular branding that is causing the issue. What do they add - or is it just a sim lock and nothing else?

    I'm in the UK and I have a palm unlocked handset and there are no lag issues at all (at the minute). In the past I've had orange branded and unlocked fones and the orange branded ones have always messed with the operating systems in a bad way....always more issues and less firmware updates.
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    once again, the only date palm has given out for the unbranded phones is dec 1st. and that in in conjucture with them be in the palm store.

    from the first email, they have been saying a 1-2 week shipping date.

    it was/is wishful thinking (and I did it too) that those who order on the web would get it sooner.

    so, unless the phones don't show up in the palm stores on friday, there is no delay.
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    I think the only lag issue that is holding up shipment is the fact that PALM lags, and that's the issue. This is par for the course ... 270, 300, 600, 650 and beyond. It was a Handpsring thing too I recall. Patience grass hoppers.

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