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    Do any of you have any experience with telenav? I read the update here at the site, and have a real basic question, Do I need a sepereate GPS receiver (bluetooth enabled) for the 700P with telenav, or does it use the internal one on the phone.

    At first, the anoucnement sounds like it uses the phones built in one, but when you go order, it sounds like you need a bluetooth enabled GPS unit for the 700P. Which is it? Do any of you know?

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    You need a external BT receicver, it retails for just under $120 with 3-5 day shipping. Mine is on the way, I ordered it on Wed. so it should be here today. Ill let you know how it turns out.
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    i am awaiting my 680, and am interested in telenav. i have Tmobile. the only phone listed for tmobile is a blackberry. will the service still work with their receiver? also after the three month subscription will it work with any mapping system? i already have a wired system for my 600 and a program from mapopolis and like the price of the blue tooth receiver from telenav, and if it works with the mapopolis program would not want to pay the monthly fee
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    I got the Telenav a few months back (search threads).
    They gave me a free GPS unit with a 6 month subscription at $10/month.
    It's best features:
    almost any poi listed. I got a flat in Houston and searched for 'tires' and it listed several tire shops within a couple mile radius.
    no 3-d maps
    only works when you have a data connection, maps and poi's come ota

    but it was worth getting the free bt gps imo!

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    Is it true that if you use the BT receiver you cannot use your BT headset with 700p?
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