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    This is sort of a rewrite of my previous question.

    What email client will work on the Treo 650 that completely synchs with Earthlink/mindspring.

    What I mean by completely is that it will synch up deleted emails on both sides. If you delete an email on the Treo, it will no longer be on the Earthlink server. And if you delete it on Earthlink, it will not show up on Mr. Treo.

    I have tested three packages which do not seem to handle deletes

    None of these are synching deletes.


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    Chatter does.
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    Chatter for personal e-mail and Versamail for Business e-mail since I need the calender sync.
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    Chatter all the way.
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    Guys, thanks for the Chatter suggestion! It works great on synching up deleted items. The only thing I havent seen work is marking items 'read' on both ends. Reading an item on mr. treo, does not show up read on outlook express and vice versa.

    Purchasing the license was easy. I had a choice of paypal or cc. Nice.

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    I use Snappermail and it handles deletes just fine. You can choose whether or not to keep server-deleted messages as "ghost" messages.

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