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    Attached is a letter to Mr. Colligan expressing the dissatisfaction of customers with Palm's lack of communication regarding issues on the 700p. The idea and discussion leading to this letter was started on a thread that can be viewed by clicking here. The poll on this thread shows support from over 300 customers to date.

    I ask Mr. Colligan, and Palm Inc. in general, to please take notice and spend the time to read both the letter and the thread to consider your customers' point of view.

    I also invite Treocentral users to show their support by signing this thread to keep it bumped up to the top of the 700p Hardware Forum for as long as possible. And to spread by linking other sites to this letter and the original thread.

    Finally, this is more of a Palm communication issue than a 700p one. So I also invite non-700p users, who agree with the letter's points concerning this, to sign it as well.

    For general discussion concerning the letter or counterpoint opinion, I respectfully ask you to please continue the discussion in the original thread linked above. I just want a show of support on this thread.

    Thank you
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    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.
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    Year to date, the coalition of 300+ listed Treocentral users who have have shown support in the original thread.

    3putt, aasun, aayz, adjmcloon, adz1966, ahalvor, AngryCPA, areyouwishing, ArmyDoc, Aviator, awerry, ayn, B-model, BabelFish, baby_arm, Bad Ash, bclancy, beckkk1, bennytheshap, BertEEbklyn, BFEINZIMER, bhodgins, BigE-700p, BigKenny, BionicBoxcar, bling300c, blulite, Bob-C, boboone, Bomeyer, brichter21, bronxred, bscheffel, bsudyk, bvd1147, camhabib, cannonierd, Carterism, cdd543, charliec, chavousc, Chazzan, CheckPt.Charlie, chefmiguelito, ChemEngr, chiru, chrisdeckard, ChrisLuce, christo1970, chymo, Cigarster, coelacanth, Compliantguy, coredump, crawform, csokolov, cue79, curtiscarmack, cvela90, Daddoo, danspalmone, dbasham, dedek1, deepbsr, deesugar, Demo, dhbuckley, dj81462, dmkaye, donsteever, drrjv, drwillec, dslunceford, dstudboy1, duandcc, duckhunter, Dyno, edeab220, ehosey2, Ehsan, ekthor, eldiablo, EricDMiller, ericpd, ExDis, Fafafoooey, firstbeat, fondoo, franklane, Frenzytom, fridayy, frydog, fushigi, garylapointe, Gasmeister, gearjunkeez, geezy, Ghildebr, gjlowe, glosaul, GoogleNerd, grabeard, greenawayj, gregmusi, grnazar, groomer, gt5l, hackysak, handman,, Hanuman, Hargoth, harvs112, Hdhntr23, He123321, Heat00, helicop1, hkklife, hlazar, hova, howiej1, hteasthope, huytrang90, iamjocanadian, IEFesq, ihavetreo, imyn_wulf, investwisely, IsLNdbOi, jamesmuch, jamice4u, JAndrews, Jas O, Jbcellular, jdr1000, jds4300, jeeter, jeffandpamsmith, jeffeynboo, JerryL356, JetJockeyJ, jgilfor, jhasty, JimmieGeddes, JJL, jlovette, josh_w1, jreagles21, json, KAOSWLF, karlz, Ken Haynes, kerrys914, Kewl 700p, kiz, klyons20, Konnections, ksmith80209, kylemackinnon, lankox, lazaruz, lemongrass, leonidm, LesMan, Lighting1, lino-man, Llynx, lndshrk, Lofdog, LoneWolf15, longterm, lynch, macsteroni, maninrochester, MannyPR, MapInfoJoe, MarkY, MartinTek, Matt-Helm, MaxGator, MDK_PA, MerryOtter, mesplin@earthli, meyerweb, migs, mikesafh, miket7777, MilenkoD, Milkman00, MiteMom, mogulman, morningstar1844, mroony, mtt, murph71, nater, NativeTongue03, NayNay, nehurd, neuronbob, nightlight, noodle, Norm_Goodkin, NV43345, Ohmster, OpasM, ovrdrvn, Palm tree, paulclif, pctung, pdxtreo, petesamprs, PetieG, phatteus, phbolyard, pizenson, pmaddock, Pman, pmb, pool_shark, ppcmd, procure, ProtecIT, pump142, qaton, qb11g, quitob1, rabergnc, rblack, rdc2, reidspice, reverendrhino, RicardoG, rick2203, Rickmeister, ricktdotorg, rinkeedink, rjmoose, robertmbaw, robguz, Rob_T, RocketDude, rodneybarrett, ronlv, russ10s, rw28664, samboy, sarantis, sbdaigo, sck_nogas, scotta, Scottedt, scrote, serchend, SilentMember, silversurfer20, sipp11, sjjones, skfny, skibum_nj, sleibow, sndtubes, spiVeyx, spocme, sstockst, stroths, stuartr, syarost, Tallman, taroliw, Tastannin, TBolt, tc600, tcatnat, tedtan, ThaMighty1, The Phone Diva, theecigarman, TheJaguar, tifosiv122, todivefor, Tonto0777, ToroA, TR30, Treo2660, treo700?, TreoBien, treocon, Treocracy, treojeremy, Treolo, treo_madness, tru2life, tymerock, UFGATOR, UniPalmer, vandee2004, Wackey Guy, waldo15, webedc, WhoAmI, Wilsonb, xchpstang, xgh05tx, zalusky, zub3qin
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.
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    Letter looks good. Let's hope for some action. Too bad TC wimped out on us. Can we also try sending the letter directly to Palm, and more importantly to the Wall Street Journal?
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    As a 650 owner who is looking to soon upgrade to a 700P (a 680 wouldn't be much of an upgrade- and isn't on Verizon), put my "John Hancock" on the letter.
    "Everybody Palm!"

    Palm III/IIIC, Palm Vx, Verizon: Treo 650, Centro, Pre+.
    Leo killed my future Pre 3 & Opal, dagnabitt!
    Should I buy a Handspring Visor instead?
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    count me in
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    My name is on the above list (as is Chazzan's) but I thought it wise to reiterate my support. Please, Palm, keep us as customers by responding to our needs.

    Thank you,

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    Excellent letter. It mirrors my experience and frustrations. This forum is essentially a free focus group of high end users for Palm. I would hope for and expect resolution in the near term. I've been a Treo user/advocate since the introduction of the 600. It's frustrating (and embarassing, frankly) to have to reset the phone and deal with the dropped bluetooth and application lags when dealing with clients. Palm is risking alieniating its core constituency. Don't get me wrong, I'm rooting for Palm's success. But my next smartphone isn't going to be a Palm device absent resolution of these performance issues.
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    excellent letter and you have my 100% support
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    Excellent letter, put me down....I wish they would just keep us informed, from product announcements to updates, we are all left to just wonder.
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    Please fix the bluetooth problem.

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    Good may very well raise Palm's corporate consciousness. Sign me up!
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    count me in
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    count me in.
    Main Phone: Treo 270/600/650/700w/700p/750v/Motorola Q/iPhone
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    Count Me In As-Well!!!!!
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    Nicely done - I agree.
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    I'm in.
    A new Avatar to commemorate Silly Season.
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    I'm in.
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    I just voted - count me in!
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    I'm in
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    I would sign this letter, but it does not mention my issue: the SMS-text lockup that Verizon wireless Treo 700p users are experiencing.

    I have a BT headset that works well (Jabra BT250v) with my 700p, and I'm not having a lot of application lag that I can point to, other than in text messaging. If this issue was added to the letter (since I can only comment on issues I am sure I am experiencing) I would be glad to sign it.

    LoneWolf (frustrated VZW-Treo700p user)
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