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    Count me in also. The phone volume on these phones is worst I've experienced with any phone. I also keep waiting and hoping for the next release of palm smartphone that works at the most basic level and each time I am disappointed.
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    I think the 700p is my last palm anythang. I have been buying palm product since 1997, i feel it is tyme to call it Q.
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    I agree with everyone above!!

    Been using Palm products since 1999 with my Palm III. Gone through various Palm PDAs and finally got a Treo 650 last year and then upgraded to a VZW Treo 700p for more memory & EV-DO.

    Now, I have lost Bluetooth compatibility with my BMWs (VZW Treo 650 with firmware 1.04 actually paired well with BMWs and my Sony Ericsson BT headset) and my BT headset.

    The "lag" is unacceptable. At least when I had the VZW Treo 650, Palm did give us firmware upgrades to fix things such as memory, Bluetooth, etc.

    Thank you for all the hardwork for the letter. Please add me to the letter!
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    Palm VIIx >>>Palm 505 >>>Palm Treo 650 Palm 700p >> Palm Centro >> Palm Pre
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    what's also amusing, is how colligan supposedly laughed at the prospect of apple stepping into the smartphone arena.

    don't you think RIMM'S ceo is laughing at palm in just the same way? Look at how much more popular and widespread blackberries are compared to treos.

    no crashes, resets, poor bluetooth, etc. do rimm devices require rom updates like treos do?

    ed colligan is in absolutely no position to laugh at any company's attempt at smartphones, since palm's attempt has been laughable in MANY respects!!!!

    Apple and Rimm will eat ed's lunch as he and all the others are too busy playing with their stock options - you watch.
    I gotta have more cowbell
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    I agree with all of the complaints. In fact, I almost threw the device out my car window yesterday because of all of the issues stated previously. Bluetooth is spotty at best, and the freeze ups on a call drive me nuts. Soon you will see my Trep 700p on the Santa Ana 5 Freeway. Please run over it. Kill it dead.
    I am splitting to crackberry and a great phone- one that works.
    Here's to a Palm user from the old basic handheld days. I will tell everyone that I know- Mayors, Councilmembers, and County Supervisors, et al.
    One upset politician.
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    I'll sign - palm must fix the problems with the phone, the SMS-text lockup issue, the bluetooth stack issues (including no avrcp or a2dp protocols) - considering how horrible the audio jack is - the bluetooth problems are huge. As is, the 700p while a neat product, is still half baked. I have been a palm user since my Handpring. However, I wont choose palm for my next smartphone os unless they show the ability to fix the problems with the products they offer.

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    Sign me up too.
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    please add my name to this very important letter.

    palm IIIxe, tungsten t, tx, and now...a treo 700P
    palm all the way.
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    When I got my ecopy of the Palm newsletter, there was an opportunity to submit an article about how I use the phone. Below is a copy what I sent to them and I was correct in assuming there would be no reply. Thanks Bob-C and consider this from one who fully agrees with your concerns.


    I would like to be able to count on the 2GB SD San Disk Ultra II card always being available for my use as opposed to having an app crash my phone and the reset dismounting the SD card reader. Hundreds of users cannot be wrong:

    Verizon denies there is an issue and when connected to Palm support we continue to hear the third-party app and SD card incompatibility rhetoric.


    I would like to be able to get rid of the intermittent "white screen" and pausing between app changes. Really annoying and obviously some kind of firmware update is needed. Hundereds of users cannot be wrong:


    Why not give us a chance to post some articles in your newletter about this kind of stuff?

    No kidding aside, the product is really wonderful and lots of good things have happened with each release. I live with these issues because I know you are going to get there sooner or later and the WM5 alternative is worse. From a business perspective I can understand why you release product with such bugs since only a single-digit percentage of users would ever create an environment under which this happens. Most people do not use SD cards and most people simple do not customize the phone. However, you provide a path to allow this and sell this feature and there really is much better software replacements out there than what is delivered with the phone.
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    I'm in as well. I am having definite "lag" or "white screen of pause" issues on both of my personal units. This is the main reason that I have not recommended the palm line to the 200+ treos that I support at work. I just don't want the headaches that that recommendation would cause.
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    As a long time Palm user -- I started with the original Palm Pilot -- please add my name to those who wish Palm would fix the bugs in the Treo 700P (bluetooth pairing, slow application switching and delays in using the phone in my case) before it releases any new products.

    The problems with the 700P are so bad, and the lack of development of the Palm OS is disheartening, that I'm starting to look at MS Mobile (non-Palm) based smartphones for my next phone.

    Palm, get off the dime and fix the problems in the 700P before you destroy you brand.

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    You can count me as a a signer.
    I am prev. 600, 650 and now 700.

    bought in June on release day. thought there'd be an update- multi-probs. =/
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    I'm in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by decagon View Post
    Palm's ineptness in this regard almost appears intentional, and that is what is scarry!
    This may be a stretch but could all this have something to do with Hawkins new device? I mean come on, as you say this seems intentional-Tarzan and Cheeta could run Palm better than these guys.

    There has to be something big going on at Palm w/this new secret device and perhaps Palm has put all their energy into that and really doesnt have time for anything else including the 700p bugs. Since Michael Mace said Ed confirmed this device will be released in 2007 we know its real and maybe Palm knows this thing will be so revolutionary that we will all forget about the 700p bugs for a while till their fixed?

    If this is their strategy the new device better be a big hit or it may be curtains for Palm.
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    I will sign this.

    I am a 700 user, my whole family is palm loyal. I am considering ditching the palm. I hate not being able to get quickly to the phone application to call someone, it's embarrassing at work.
    I was originally pushing many people towards treos and got doctors here at my job to convert to them (650 owners), I no longer do this and have warned them against the 700. I'm bummed as I love(d?) treo and palm.
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    I am digusted with Palm's treatment of its loyal customers. No communication, poor quality control, unexcusable service, poor promotion partnerships, ridiculous return/warranty policies, and the total lack of support leaves me feeling disrespected.

    This coupled with glaring ommisions of basic features in software and hardware, as well as barely legitimate incremental updates of the OS have
    drawn out my loyalty, hope, and patience long enough.

    Palm, you are losing your vision, focus, and consumers through your own unproffesional actions.

    This is your wake up call, do not lose everything you have invested in, look forward, take care of your supporters and rise up to be the PALM we all expect.
    noodlelest wet noodler
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    I'm in
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    Count me in too. -d42
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    Kudos on this well-written letter ... count me in.
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