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    Slap my name on there.
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    Nice work, Bob. I am still in!
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    Count me in
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    You can add me too! At this point, I seriously doubt that my next phone will be another bug infested Treo!
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    Thanks for the voice Bob.
    Im right behind ya buddy.
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    I'm in. The hard work on the letter is greatly appreciated and I'll do whatever it takes to support the cause. Count me in.
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    I'm most certainly in.

    I've been a long time Palm user (see sig) and evangelist. The 700p is a wonderful device with the exception of the two issues noted in the letter.

    But both are serious enough to either go back to separate devices (Palm + Phone) or a non Palm smartphone.

    Lets get this fixed, please.
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    I am.......IN!!!!!!!
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    I am in.
    I am still surprise why dont Palm just come publicly and assure their dedicated customers that there is an issue and fix is in work.
    They have to do it eventually, why not before its too late?
    Technological superiority has never won a product battle. If that were the case we would all be flying in supersonic Concordes and using Apple computers.

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    Please count me in, I am also a very long time Palm user that's frustrated with the 700P.
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    Count me in also! I am a Verizon Treo 650 user about to choose my next phone and would love it to be the 700P, if only they can fix the issues!
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    I'l sign too. I've been a loyal Palm user since the Palm III, and have moved from there to the Treo 90, the 600, and now the 700p. The 700p is in many ways a great device. I'm not about to trade it in. However, the issues mentioned in the letter (not to mention mediocre call quality and ringer volume inferior to most FREE phones) make the overall user experience much less than it should be for a device with this price tag. As the letter properly points out, one of the most frustrating aspects is Palm's lack of communication. I am willing to accept that a device this complicated may have some bugs on release, and am certainly willing to offer feedback and assistance where possible. However to have the issues we are experiencing met with silence seriously undermines my sense of loyalty to Palm.
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    Great letter. I am still in
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    I'm in. Let's get the bluetooth fixed on the 700p.
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    Preach it brother. +1
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    nice work, count me in.
    Treoing & Loving it
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    Count me in too.

    I need to hard reset my Treo way too often. I have a problem (which I'm sure others do too) where certain apps will reset the Treo just by launching them. And I don't mean obscure 3rd party apps. I mean Memos, File Browser, Bejeweled (all came with).

    Up until yesterday, whenever I would win a game of Solitaire (the one that comes on the Sprint CD) it would reset. THAT'S annoying.

    And this may not be Palm's problem per se, but how about a little JVM love from IBM? Or maybe another vendor? I know that technically, the current JVM (last updated with support for the 650) works -- SORT OF -- with the 700p. But it is buggy as all hell, and it's not officially supported. I've never been able to get Opera Mini (2 or 3) to work right, and I'm not even going to try the Gmail app.

    I'm glad this community is here. I find it incredible that Palm would launch what I would consider their flagship Treo (Palm OS anyway), and then forget about it.

    And I like Palm. I really like how the Palm OS works, as I always have. I will NOT run Windows on a phone. Please Palm, give us some love!
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    I am definitely in. The Bluetooth on the 700p is flaky. I submitted a ticket to Palm support because Hotsync with Outlook on the 700p doesn't correctly sync Timezone information from Outlook to the Treo 700p. It went all the way to tier 3 back in June and they confirmed the behavior. I haven't heard anything since then. No patches.. Nothing!

    Here is the thread:
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