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    Count me in also.

    Great letter, very well written.
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    I dare say, old chap, that this correspondence requires my signatory approval as well.
    I was large and in charge!
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    I have been a loyal Palm user since the Pilot came out. In fact, while working on a PC last night, I came across my original software disks for the Pilot. It reminded me of what was and what I have now.

    The Pilot was a reliable, functional, addictive device that did everything I asked of it. My Tungsten and Tungsten T3 also stepped up to the plate and served me well. I never needed to call tech support because I rarely had a problem. Any problem encountered was usually caused by my attempts to push the limits of the device with third party software and hacks. This is not the case with the 700P.

    The 700P is a failed attempt at a convergence device. The bluetooth implementation is weak and error prone. Place your phone on your right hip with the headset on your left ear and you get static. The party on the other end of the call is asking you to repeat what you said because the words are broken up. A call comes in and you attempt to answer with your headset but it is disconnected, requiring a reset AFTER the call.

    I am getting ready to dust off my Motorola V710 phone. The bluetooth always worked and phone signal never wavered. My clients never asked me to repeat what I said and I always heard them clearly. Dropped calls were an anomaly not normalcy.

    Prior to the 700P I had complete faith in Palm. When asked, I never wavered in my recommendation of their products. Now I have clients who are looking to move up to a converged device and I find myself telling them to look in other directions. Referring them to the 700P would make me look bad and make them look elsewhere for the services I provide. Sorry, but my loyalty to Palm does not stretch that far.

    Please Palm, fix this.

    My signature is on the document to be sent to Palm. I thank the originator of this thread for following through on his actions.
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    Count me in as well. Thanks for the effort and time to voice our concerns.
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    Well said. Consider this my signature.

    I'm also going to email Palm support, reiterating the issues and pointing to this thread. I'll wait a week or so, though, so it gets lots of signatures.
    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.
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    Great letter. Thanks Bob-C.
    T R E O s t i l l R O C K S - to a certain extent
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    Retired: AT&T Treo 750, VZW Treo 650, 700p, *700w, *700wx (* = loaner phone from Palm)
    Tried: AT&T Samsung Blackjack i607
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    Thanks to those who contributed.
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    Count me in, too.
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    I concur! Thanks for the follow through Bob-C
    VZW 755p
    VAJA Orange Case, Custom takephone skin (Thanks NachoB), Chatter, PalmRevolt, treolauncher, and a bunch of other stuff
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    Consider this post to be my signature, with a P.S. concerning the instability of VersaMail.
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    add me to the growing list. thanks.
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    Excellent letter, put me down for the fight.

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    Excellent letter, I hope TC can post it on the first page or at least put a link to the thread from the main page.

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    A very well worded and to the point letter. I have personally been a palm/smart phone user back to the old Monochrome black and white phone from I believe qualcom.

    The 700p is a great disppointment with it's total inability to function with bluetooth, which still totally amazes me. I purchased the 700p without even checking on the possibility of such issues based on the past performance of treo/palm products.

    They have yet to even admit to having a problem which tells me more than likely all users are stuck and the fix will be the 750p. If that is the case, the the blackberry will work fine for me.

    What bothers me more than anything are that reviewers keep giving the 700p stellar reviews espeically on the bluetooth, which tells me that they aren't even using the phone with bluetooth for if they did they there is no way they could honestly publish a positive review.

    Paul C.
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    Before I forget, here's my signature. Thanks Bob-C for all of the energy, effort, and hardwork!
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    Bob-C, I would consider putting something in about the treo being a "business-class device" as well as something along the lines of it being a "$700 device who's bluetooth cannot perform half as well or reliably as a cheap $50 phone"
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    I also agree with the sentiments of this letter.


    Palm III > Palm Vx > Sony Clie PEG760N > Kyocera 7135 > Treo 600 > Treo 650
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    Consider this signed by me.
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    I'm in the list already but want to reiterate my feeling that PALM needs to step up to the table and not only fix their communication problems, but also issue a Firmware Update for the 700P immediately! Get these issues fixed! You are loosing sales (like ME, holding off on a 700p until the issues are resolved)...and I own a consulting business, Cavu Consulting, in Portsmouth Virginia. No, my company not huge, I hve only 2 employees below me, but I do have some pretty large clients:

    The Washington Redskins, Recoding Industry Artists of America (RIAA), City of Newport News Police, Infotel Integrated Services, Eastern Mountain Sports, Penta Advisory Services, and The Cassidy Companies.

    PALM: Do you think I am recomending the 700p to my clients? Of course not...and until I see some action on your part, I will continue to recomend other devices.
    Sprint Pre User Who LOVED his Pre but left for a more supported phone (EVO Shift)...maybe one day Sprint & HP will see the light and bring us a great 4g capable Pre replacement!
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