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    add me
    Visor -> Treo 650 Cingular UNLocked (Cing. Blue Phone on Orange Network) -> vzw 700p -> VZW Centro (much better)
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    Great letter. Count me in.
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    I'm all behind the protest. The lag is exactly the reason I've avoided windows PE, and the 700p lag may be worse. Though i backup, reset, and empty cache everyday, my lags run 13 -20 secs. I still have my 650 and would gladly return to it. Has anyone done this? What will verizon say? Will i be losing significant speed on data? It would still be worth it at this point.
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    There are corporate email addresses that filter out attachments. Mostly, CEO and higher officials get lots of emails and that is why email server is set in order to block all emails with attachments. Try copy and paste the actual letter in email itself.
    I am not sure if above is true in Palm's case but I would like to make sure that your email gets to them.
    I will email them myself as well.
    Thanks for your efforts.
    Also, can someone deliver printout to actual Palm head office? That would be good. If we didnt get any reply very soon, or acknowledgment of this letter from Palm, I would fedex or ups this letter (would require sign, that will serve the purpose).
    Good luck all .
    Quote Originally Posted by Bob-C View Post
    I attached the letter and sent it to the following email addresses with the following cover email. sent me a delivery status error message for some of the recipients. However, it did not report a failure for Ed, Donna or Jeff. So I am optimistic that those three email addresses were accurate.

    The email has a hyperlink to this thread. If they take the time to check it out, they should take great interest in the accounts from those who could not recommend the 700p to clients and friends. Palm had reported that 700p sales were more sluggish for the quarter it was released than they had expected. If they were wondering why, they should look no further. This thread should provide more information to them than their own marketing research.

    Personally, I have advised several partners at KPMG that their corporation should keep their 650's for now. When you are a partner, or manager, at an accounting firm with that many clients, your image is very important. It equates to competence. Telling a client that his calls keep getting dropped due to bluetooth, or having a client wait for your phone to switch apps affects their confidence in you. This is much more important to their firm than EVDO speeds.

    I encourage anyone with similar experiences to chime in as well.

    Thx all!

    To: <>
    CC: <>,<>,<>,<>,< er>,<>
    Subject: Support Request from your Loyal Customer Base
    Attachments: Colligan Letter.pdf HTML | Plain Text | Header | Raw Content

    Mr Colligan,

    Attached is a letter to you concerning Palm support issues, in particular that of the 700p. The letter has been posted at Treocentral and to date, has the pledged support of nearly 400 users. Many of these are consultants and IT managers whose opinion directly impacts Palm sales. They have become increasingly unable to either purchase or recommend your products while these issues are outstanding. We are reaching out to you in the hope that by bringing this matter to your attention, our concerns can be resolved.

    The emerging story has gained the frontpage of Treocentral at the following link and I expect it to continue gaining visibility and support. A thread containing the letter and comments from supporting users is linked here. A thread containing the poll enumerating the supporters is linked here. As longtime supporters of the Palm corporation, I encourage you to read them and consider our feedback.


    Robert Caruso
    Technological superiority has never won a product battle. If that were the case we would all be flying in supersonic Concordes and using Apple computers.

    The key to winning the battle is a combination of price, convenience, marketing, sound business model and a bit of luck.
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    And I.
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    You can also count me in

    I just called Palm (1800-881-7256) and stated I would like to order a Treo 700p, but first I would like to know if the problem was fixed as indicated on Treo central web site she stated to me that you guys are a bunch of liar and not to believe stuff that on the internet. So I told her that I need to do a little mo research before I make this purchased you guys just save me 420.00 dollars thanks
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    I also post to Sprint's feedback form:

    And leave inquiries to when an update is to arrive and suggest that our company will not purchase any treo models before an update arrives.
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    I'm on a 650 GSM and am a little bitter that we have to pay a third party for the volume to work properly, deal with broken Bluetooth, and have to concern ourselves with the possibility that the wrong combination of the Network Time setting and going off-network can crash the phone; and there is no public acknowledgement that any of these are issues. Maybe one of the Linux phones due out next year will allow the community to help the manufacturer solve their problems.

    Count me in.
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    BB GoAmerica > BB Earthlink > Verizon Treo 600 > Sprint Treo 650 > Sprint Treo 700p > Sprint Treo 755p & Sprint MotoQ
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    As a purchaser of the following devices:
    Palm IIIxe
    Visor Prism
    Sprint SB-3000 (Sprint version of VisorPhone)
    Handspring Treo 300 (2)
    Handspring and PalmOne Treo 600's (2)
    Palm Treo 700p

    I have been most dissatisified with the Treo 700p. As of the Treo 650, I stopped recommending Palm Products to people who have asked me about purchasing the device. I expected a hotfix to have been released for the Treo 700p bluetooth and lag issues by mid-November (as I figured it would have been in Palm's best interest to have this issue fixed for the Christmas buying season). It's clear to me now that Palm is no longer able to execute on what would be in their own best interest. Up to now, I've had faith that Palm would develop hotfixes in a timely manner and I didn't worry about you not announcing fixes. Now I find myself with a treo that has bluetooth instability with your one Palm TREO 650 bluietooth headset. I also have an additiional problem where I have to turn my bluetooth off on the treo in order for the phone radio not to hang. These problems might be tolerable if: 1) known problems would be acknowledged on your website, 3) workarounds would be posted on you web site for known problems, and 3) an estimated time for a hotfix would be also communicated on your web site.

    On TreoCentral's main page, Dieter indicated he does not fully support Robert Caruso's open letter because (paraphrasing) "Palm is not Microsoft". I'm sorry to support that, frankly, I do not care whether Palm is as stable as Microsoft or not. I simply want a working product and honest communication about *unforseen* issues. If Palm is as vulnerable as Dieter suggests, that's reason for me to rethink continued purchase of your products. When a company like HTC makes a generic Linux-based PDA, I will be only too happy to support new entrants and competitors to Palm as an early-adoptor. With the Treo 700p, Palm as offered me little value over my previous Treo 600. (If the 700p did not have the bluetooth problems, and if Versamail did not cause lag problems, the 700p would have met my expectations,) I sincerely hope that Palm can fix the 700p problems and turn themselves around, but as a professional software process consultant, I can no longer your products at this time.

    I fully support Robert Caruso's open letter which was sent to you and I'm adding my signature to his letter.

    Robert J. Clancy
    Boston, MA
    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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    And I as well.
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    What a great post! I also agree on the statement regarding Palm not being Microsoft. I honestly don't care if they're not like Microsoft. They've developed a product and sold it to the masses, and it clearly has issues. Regardless if they are like Microsoft or not, they should address and correct known issues in a timley manner.
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    Perhaps this exercise is futile. Palm does not simply fail to recognize and respond to problems in shipped products. Perhaps refusal to do so is part of their business plan. Perhaps it has its hands full with business problems.

    Perhaps RIMM will take its highly valued stock to buy Palm.
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    Please add my name to the list - I am really bitter about the time lag issue... I had a 650 that was always pushing against its memory limit (continually moving stuff to the 1g card) and it moved from app to app with almost no lag whatsoever... THIS POS TAKES 10-20 seconds to go from one place to the next...

    But what really ticks my ticker is that I sold a close friend on buying one of these (700p) brand new from Sprint because I am such an advocate only to have this garbage be the SOP...

    Ed, search the Wall Street Journal archives... In the opinion section there was an article by Harvard professor on the success of the Palm (essentially, he suggested it did so well because it was a perfect EASY EFFICIENT AND EFFECTIVE alternative to pen and paper (and was hugely portable))... Well, Ed, your simple device is failing at the simple tasks...

    Oh, and for those who TREO while driving... I can just imagine the law suit that will ensue from this... (SO, WHY DID YOU TAKE YOUR EYES OFF OF THE ROAD? well, I was waiting for my treo to pull up my email...) Of course, it would be mostly frivolous, but likely in our overly litigous society...
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    Add me to the list, I personally love the Palm much more than any windows device I have owned. And won't purchase a Windows device again. So if we can't get support. They will lose 3 customers from me, being as I have one, my wife has one and so does my father.
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    Great letter. My name is on the list.
    I think we would get more attantion from Palm and Sprint by sending this letter to BBB instead.
    Replaced Treo 700p four times... What a junk.
    This is my first and the last Palm device.
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    Count me in. I tried the 700P out earlier this year and went through at least six of them. Moved to the 700WX thinking that at least bluetooth would work better.

    Guess what... It doesn't! Connection still drops out after a little while. This is with at least five different brands of headsets I have tried with it AND with two different brands of GPS devices.
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    Palm III -> palm VII -> treo 600 -> treo 700p.
    count me in.
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    Add me to the list. Definately needs to be addressed.
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    add me as well...also txt messaging hangup needs addressed

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