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    I was excited to get an e-mail from Electric Pocket saying that Version 1.2 of BugMe Messenger was out. For those of you that didn't read the VC review, this is the one that allows you to take a picture with your Eyemodule, annotate something on it, and e-mail it. I quickly downloaded it but I didn't see any Eyemodule interface on the BugMe screens. Upon closer examination of the User's Manual, it turns out that it only works with the Visor Prism, Platinum, or Edge. Major Bummer for us Visor Deluxe owners.

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    I agree- after reading the review I purchased the software (I did wiat until the last day of the special offer, but still wanted it after giving myself a "cooling off" period.) Then I see that e-mailing my eyemodule pics won't work for my and my VDX!!!! (I tried eyemail also, but i use different servers to dial in to the internet - MSN, and to read and send e-mail- Yahoo. So it won't work.) And I can't even get my bugme mail account set up- I get on the internet, my visor says "sending account info" for a long time, then it says "please wait" then my cell phone disconnects- everytime!!!! I have e-mailed their tech support but not heard back yet. I'm very bummed out about bugme, tho.......
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    I am really sorry to hear about this. When I reviewed the software I was reviewing a beta version, I knew it didn't support the other models, but I wasn't aware that the final version would not support the VDx.

    I wrote to them today to see what I can find out about this...if and when they will support it...

    As far as the tech support issues...if you don't hear back from them soon...please let me know and I will write to them myself.

    One quick know you can use the bundled application SnapShot with the EyeModule. Any shot you take...go into the preview mode of the Eye software...and then do a screen capture. It will take the image right into BugMe!. Unfortunately it isn't color...but a temporary fix.

    I'll see what I can find out though...if I recommmend a piece of software, I certainly want everyone to get the same thing out of it. I like to stand behind what I review.

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    I did get my bugme account set up finally. Their tech support had me change the timeout preferences to greater than 60 and next time I was able to set up an account. But I don't think the SnapShot can capture an eyemodule pic at all on the VDX. At least for me, using a VDX and an eyemodule1, I haven't been able to get snapshot to create a bugme note with one of my pics- I've tried from the image list, from the actual photo right after it is taken, and even from the viewfinder before the picture is taken. No go. It gives me a blank bugme note. i still am using Bugme quite abit, although I am disappointed i can't send my pictures!!!
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    I am sorry to hear that...I have an Eye1...I will check that out...

    you are correct...that only works with the Eye2.

    Maybe there is another fix...I'll see what I can find.

    I saw that everyone else had a signature and I felt left out, so here is mine.

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