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    hi guys!
    been having problems wit my treo600 lately...
    after fully charging the battery and making a call or use any1 of my applications...a window pops up tellin me that my batt is low n needs to be charge!

    but if i reset it, d battery icon shows a full charged battery...den the whole process repeats again!!

    do i need to change the battery? or does ds hav something to do wit its software?

    need help please!!!

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    Welcome to TC. The 600 is over 3 yrs old now. With a non-removable battery, more than likely yours has never been replaced. If you've had your Treo for a long time, it's time to change the battery or the Treo. My son still uses my old 600 and I've replaced the battery. Search for 'battery replacement' in this forum. Good luck.
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