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    Ok i installed Agendus Pro and it reassigned my phone key to go to agendus!!! When i try to change it in Agendus it won't go back to being the phone button. When I go to preferences in the OS and change it back to default, it still won't go back to being the phone button!!! How can I fix this?!?!!?
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    You'll probably have to perform either a hard reset or delete the files that Agendus uses to assign the buttons - these are typically named AgendusBtn1, or 2, or 3 or 4.

    Since the 680 is so new - Iambic hasn't yet received a unit for testing and it will thus have some tweaks caused by this new hardware that will have to be implemented.
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    I fixed it by using this program...
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    You can also use LudusP to remedy this problem. It also lets you remap your hardkeys. I've been using this on my Treo 700p since May, early June.
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