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    Hey Everyone - I recently came down with a sticky lower right shift key which essentially made my 650 useless since it was stuck in the down position and no other keys would work. I tried to pop the key up, but that didn't do any good, so I figured the key was stuck down at the membrane (the button below the 'button').

    I fixed the problem tonite for a total of $1.99 and thought I'd quickly post since I'm sure others have had or will have the issue.

    First, this involves taking the treo apart and voiding your warranty so proceed accordingly.

    First, you need to spend $1.99 on a T4 or T5 Torx Bit - either should work. Then, take apart the using the bit and all of the screws on the back. Next is the 'separation'. Separating the two halves of the treo requires a bit of 'firmness'. See this link:

    Next, I removed the two screws holding the keyboard to the front plate using a #0 precision philips screwdriver. This separated the actual keys from the 'membrane'. Carefully, I pried apart the two layers of the 'membrane' in the lower right corner where my shift key is located. I jiggled a bit to get the membrane for the shift key to pop up and then I placed a piece of scotch tape between the metal connections of this top layer of the membrane and the thicker wafer-like part.

    Next, I cut the little knob on the back of the shift key just in case my scotch tape circuit-opener fix didn't always work. This ensures that even when this key is pressed, it won't depress the membrane.

    I put the treo back together and now, no more problems with sticky shift key and even though I rendered this shift key useless, I have another. Sure beats buying another membrane or worse off, another Treo.

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    i guess this will have to be my next step as well. I dont mind taking it apart as mush as i do unhooking the screen. Those ribbons scare the crap out of me. Last time i unhooked them it caused my touchscreen to go haywire. I can't beleive there isnt a software fix for this to disable a key. Great idea cutting the peg on the back, a spare keyboard is cheap to replace anyway.
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    yeah..I didn't have to 'unhook' the screen I don't think but at first when putting it back together, the screen didn't work but I just reseated in the cover and then it did.

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