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    I have a Treo650 that I'm trying to hotsync with my Outlook. Now, calander, memos and notes all sync fine but my inbox does not sync. In fact, when I sync my Treo to my PC, all the email that is on the Treo is erased.

    Before (I cant place the date when the issue started happening), I'd sync and my Treo would get everything from outlook including the contents of my inbox. Now, everything syncs except the inbox.

    So far, I've deleted and recreated my profile and uninstalled and reinstalled the software with no results. I tried stopping Versamail from synching (in this case, the email on the Treo is not deleted, obviously) and then starting it synching again with no improvement either.

    Under Hotsync -> Custom, I have Versamail set to sync, and under change -> advanced I see all my email account setup information and the sychronizing options are set as follows:

    - Unread messages: Unchecked
    - Download attachements: Checked
    - Mail from: Last 7 days
    - Max Message Size: 200 KB
    - Format of Incoming: HTML
    - Synch Outbox: Checked
    - Synch Inbox: Checked

    When I informally log the hotsync, it just says "VersaMail OK".

    I talked to Palm, and they said the software is not meant to sync the inbox but I know that's wrong as that's how I had it set up before.

    Ideally, I'd like to stick to just using Versamail, so no reccomendations for Chatter please.

    Any ideas?
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