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    Well this is killing me. I just rec'd my new 680 and installed the accompanying software. After three tries I called Cingular for help & they connected me with a Palm tech. Afetr 90 minutes, editing my registry and creating a new owner name, I got the darned thing to sync with my PC. I now have to reinstall all my 3rd party software and hope I don't loose any data. This has not been a pleasant experience.
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    Wow... what's the explanation for this? I would think it would be quite a bit easier to go from one Treo to another. I hope this isn't the way it is for all 600 users or PALM tech support is going to be very busy.
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    CLEAN INSTALL is the process. . . . . .

    Just substitute "680" into these instructions for where the 650 is stated.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Thanks. I wish I had this info before I started

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