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    The article is inaccurate. The 680 DOES require a separate GPS receiver. Granted, TeleNav's is only $139 with three months of included service, which is cheap, but it does mean investing in and carrying around another accessory.
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    Yeah it sounded interesting in that it may use the built in GPS locator but alas it seems it is just another solution using an external (bluetooth) GPS unit. It completely changes the way you read their marketing material when you realize that fact.

    I also just realized that this may be carrier dependant for support? I wonder if it will still work under other carriers like T-mo since the 680 is obviously not listed as supported for those networks. I am thinking the TomTom 6 will be the go once they update support for the 680.
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    I was thinking of going that route a few years back with my Treo 600, then 650. But I realized that it would drain the battery like crazy, I don't have to carry around a Bluetooth GPS receiver for my phone, you can't really use the phone while using the GPS (Although with the Treo 680, you now should be able to) and the software doesn't even come close to what you can get with the Garmin portable units. The TeleNav relies on data service, a portable GPS unit only relies on a good view of the sky.
    I know that when I'm traveling I don't have to worry about software locking up my phone etc, because I have a hand held Garmin GPS with millions of Points of Interests build into it and it's faster then the Treo will ever be.
    Looking at the negatives versus the positives, there are way too many negatives to make me want a GPS unit for my Treo, or any smartphone for that matter.
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    I wish the TreoCentral reporters would do a few seconds of research before posting. I got all excited that finally somebody released software that used the internal GPS.

    As it is, this just appears to be worse - and more expensive over a year - than the existing solutions. What's the point?

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