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    Marianne, don't bogart all that coffee. We're going to need it as soon as these phones come in & we stay up all night playing with them. We need to sleep now so the time passes quickly, to be woken by an angel in a brown uniform ringing the doorbell.

    You all really aren't helping my excitement, what a bunch of enablers you are!
    hey, this coffee if first come, first served! you need to hustle if you want some!

    my angel in a brown uniform is LATE! well, he is by my clock, anyway. must. have. treo. 680. now. aaaarrrrrrgh!

    (is that enough enabling for you, or do you need more? )
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    Nope, I'm pretty full up now, thanks!
    I'm a chick who enjoys the finer things in life
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    What no treos yet eh! Just the usual TrAA meeting :|
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