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    I'm a newbie when it comes to POS. I have never owned a Treo, but I'm considering getting a Treo 680. One of the programs I'm considering using is AOL 3.3 for my AOL email and AIM.

    I was reading customer reviews of this program at, and a couple of people complained that whenever the Treo went into standby mode (screen off), the data connected ended and AOL signed off. I find this hard to believe since according to the AOL 3.3 documentation, it says it will only sign you off automatically if you are idle for an hour.

    I was thinking perhaps there is a setting somewhere on the Treo that allows you to keep the data connection alive even when the phone goes into standby?? Or is this an issue that must be dealt with by the particular software and maybe AOL 3.3 did not address this issue?
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    Standby DOES NOT disconnect the data connection on Treo 650
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    Is power to the SD card cut off when the 650 goes into standby?

    A couple of years ago I had a Pocket PC phone and I remember this was an issue. People that had communication programs (like IM clients) installed on the SD card were having problems when the phone went into standby mode. Eventually it was figured out that you cannot install those type of programs on the SD card since the card would lose power when the phone entered standby mode.
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    No, because I use Chatter (the best IMAP client for Palm OS) which saves the e-mails to the SD card. And Chatter works just fine while the Treo is in standby mode.
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    But any program that runs in "standby" needs to be in RAM, and NOT on the card (its data need not be).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chatter View Post
    But any program that runs in "standby" needs to be in RAM, and NOT on the card (its data need not be).

    Thanks for the info Chatter. I'm guessing that some people installed AOL 3.3 on their SD card and that was the reason they kept getting disconnected when the phone went into standby.
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    Eric- Welcome to the forum.

    I thought the AOL software for the Treo was panned by most?
    I thought I remember reading that it was rarely updated, and buggy.

    You can use the free Versamail program to get your AOL e-mails,
    but better yet would be Chatter. It is not free but worth every penny.
    Marc updates it constantly, tweaking it to make it better all the time.
    He is not an absentee developer that takes your money and runs, but is constantly helping users and incorporating their suggestions in new versions. His "Beta" versions are more stable than many "Stable" versions by others. (No, I'm not a relative or being paid to say that, his commitment to his customers is all the incentive I need for this unsolicited plug).

    As to AIM... I don't do Instant Messaging much.
    Perhaps someone here can give you suggestions on using AIM on the Treo.

    All the best-

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