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    I have a remote user who has been using his Treo 650p (cingular) for some time w/out problems, but now he gets AirSAMStateMachine.c 453 29485 when he attempts to sync. Tried the following:

    - signal strength is strong
    - soft reset did not help
    - used another Treo to connect to his account, sync works ok
    - deleted and recreated activesync account in VersaMail, still get same error

    Using VersaMail 3.1, Exchange ActiveSync, Exchange 2003.

    PalmOne doesn't list the 29485 error. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Update: Trying to follow Palm instructions for deleting corrupt VersaMail files, but get "Error:dm:ROM Based in Item::remove()d" error on 13 of 17 files.

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