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    Just picked up Earset 2 from B&O for the extraordinary price of US$377. The sound is truly rich ($300 dollars richer than others?), and the adaptable hinged earpiece does allow it to be worn all day. I could not find a headset that fit my larger ears without making them look like a funnel with associated pain after a few mintues. I do spend lots of time connected so the price didn't cause more than a little buyer's remorse. The case/charger works great and the headset connects easily unlike others I have tried. The pulsing green light is on the inside so the piece is actually less noticeable than other Borg-style units. So far it is working out fine.
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    wow thats pretty freakin sweet.

    I cant stomach the $300 price tag tho.

    But Dam#! that thing looks hot!
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    What a horrible website! Is it mono? Stereo? A2DP?
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    The earset is mono but they say they added technology to optimize the quality of sound and reduce wind noise etc. Seems to be true. The incoming voice is fuller, not as thin as I'm used to. Supposedly my outgoing voice is the same. I can't seem to find which version of Bluetooth this supports. I like the way it immediately syncs with my 650.
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    In the specs tab on the right hand side of the webpage it says it supports 1.2 and backwards to 1.1.

    "headset profile 1.1 and hands free profile 1.0
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    WHOA!?!?!? $300 for a single BT earpiece?? Will you adopt me?
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    I'm impressed. However when it comes to audio, I always adhere to the weakest link phenomenon. To me, doesn't make much sense to plug this in to a second rate MP3 player (Treo) as opposed to a dedicated MP3 device which produces hiccup free sound output.
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    This seems like the perfect hands free kit, but for $300.00 from B&O, you'd think that these would have two sides to them, to make the music beautiful as well. For $300.00, they should have an addable stereo piece. You could use a single ear for business and car use, then add the stereo side when you want to enjoy stereo music. Ah, now somebody will take this idea and become the next Bill Gates.
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    where did you pick up the ear piece; at their company store?
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    Yes, I bought it at the company store.
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