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    Please can anyone confirm whether a Socket Secure Digital Scan Card (SDSC) 3E barcode scanner will work with FileMaker Mobile 8 on a Treo 650?

    Otherwise, are there any other barcode scanners (preferebly not bluetooth) that will work with FMMobile 8 on a Treo 650?


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    Pulling this out from the bowels of history.

    I'm also looking to implement a barcode scanning system with the Treo, in my case 650s, 700ps and possibly 700w(x)s as well. I've just started looking at Filemaker and it looks like the best way to do what I need. I know that the SDIO barcode readers from Socket are supported for the Treo, and I know that Filemaker Mobile is supported for the Treo, the only question is how will they work together? Will we have to rely on the Socket software's "virtual keyboard"?


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