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    Just one person's opinion, but the favorites screen on the 650 is much better than the 680. On the 650 there were 5 screens of two columns and 7 rows. 14 favs per screen and very easy selection. Unless I've done something wrong, the 680 has a near infinite SINGLE COLUMN with only 5 favorites showing at a time and you scroll forever to get to the one you want.
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    Their first press release described that as a great advance. Their reasoning seems to be you are no longer limited to a finite set of favorites. Go figure.
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    It depends on your view of course. You can get longer names since there is more horizontal space. And I think for most people it is easier and better. But for experienced Treo users it is probably a step down.
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    It is actually faster to navigate. To quickly go down a page, press and hold down key. One can jump from page to page easily.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RonlTreo View Post
    Just one person's opinion...
    Make that 2 people!
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    Make it three. I like the idea of just scrolling down, but I'm able to use the touch screen on the 650 to press a single favorites button, and I like having that many buttons one one page. I can put favorites for 90% of my calls on one page. With only 5 buttons/page, I'd need to be scrolling all the time. There should be a setting or preference to set it up for two column mode. If you hit down on the last button of the first column, it should go to the first button of the second column.
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    Make it four. The older one was quicker and easier.

    That said, given the fact that the 5-way/right and left are now used to navigate tabs, the single column is simpler to understand. Just slower and harder to navigate.

    Aside from this, I like the new phone app.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mepex View Post
    There should be a setting or preference to set it up for two column mode. If you hit down on the last button of the first column, it should go to the first button of the second column.
    I agree that they should have left it up to the user to decide which works best for them - kind of like you can select in the Preferences on the 650 to show 1 or 2 rows of Favorite buttons with the dial pad.
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    IMHO, who cares?

    The only thing I use favorites for is numbers I want to dial by just pressing and holding a key (in combination with Butler, this is a killer feature). For other numbers, I think it's easier to jump to contacts and type first initial and a couple of characters of the last name (JSmi, for example) than it is to navigate multiple screens of favorites.
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    Another vote for the old Favorites format!

    I like the new Phone application, but the Favorites is not as freindly or quick to use.

    In the old format I could keep groups on different pages. (Friends, Family, Work Contacts) You could quickly toggle between the pages.

    The new fomat may allow you to add as many as you want, but it only allows you to QUICKLY toggle to the top or bottom of the list. If you have a long list, you must scroll (one punch of the 4-way button at a time!) down the list.

    It is a step back in my opinion.
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    I hate to do this cause I loved the 650 and butler (favorites by holding a key from anywhere, 14 a page, just press down on the front page, etc.) but why the new phone app. I have now replaced it with TakePhone but I miss the old 650 format and hate to have to add a phone app to a phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Yeah, I agree. I got mine yesterday and I really like a lot of the tweaks and refinements but this one leaves me wanting. Not only do I miss the two column view and wish it was an option, but look at the screen and think that 3 columns could actually fit now! Might be overkill but I do find these useful for apps and quick contacts. Granted the Quick Key method is there and I should just use it, but I got used to the Favorites way- isn't that original to the 180? Can't remember now.
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    I vote for the old, and I also greatly prefer graffiti 1. Lets just day I quickly downloaded the graffiti 1 patch.

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