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    I have a Cinulgar-branded, unlocked 650 on T-mobile.

    I am currently syncing my Outlook contacts and calendar with my office's 2003 Exchange Server through Versamail.

    I want to be able to sync Contacts and Tasks in he same way (like Blackberry users can) so I bought Intellisync (Handheld Edition).

    Now I can't figure out how to do it. Does Intellsync even do this? Or is it like PocketMirror - where it relies on HotSyncing?

    I searched Nokia's support site ( and TC and couldn't find any answers...
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    OK - to answer my own question and for future thread searches:

    Nokia tech support tells me the product I want is Wireless Email Express

    I first purchased Intellisync Handheld by mistake, which is just glorified version of PocketMirror.

    I'm going to evaluate a trial version of Wireless Email Express and post my findings here. Even if I am the only one who gives criznap.
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    I tried Wireless Email Express. Was not entirely successful in making it work properly (ahem, could be user error, so don't blame Intellisync), so I cancelled it.

    To this day I still get the sync email messages from Intellisync's servers. I have a special spam filter at the server level. I cancelled way before Nokia took over, so maybe they're better now.

    I now use Versamail 3.5. I get calendar and contact sync over the air. Tasks and Memos have to wait for a cradled sync at my office. I have to pull my email rather than having push email. You know what? It's all fine. And it works.

    I'm on T-Mobile too.

    I had the full OTA sync everything experience with my WM5 devices. Frankly it was unnecessary for my purposes. I turned off the push email. I have an SDA for my "days off" phone because it is smaller that my Treo. I don't want to be dinged all the time with email on a Saturday.
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    Yeah - this Wireless Emal Express is not going to cut it - it has to be running on an always-on workstation, unless we install it on the server, which we're not willing to do.

    I'm looking into upgrading to VersaMail 3.5, but first I have to see if my buddy with a Sprint 700P can work out the problem he's having:

    He gets an SSL error when he's syncing. Our IT guy is installing a Thawte Cert on the server so hopefully that fixes it.
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