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    Just a quickie. What is the initial charge time for a treo? 6 hours? Please advise you learned dudes you.
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    When the light turns green, normally.
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    Thank You,
    Chris Luce
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    Great, but what if I am colour blind! or color for our international friends!
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    Well, in that case what people normally do is they just stare at it constantly for several hours until they detect a difference in shade--indicating the change from red to green. Just don't take your eyes off it for a second or you may miss it. If, after 24 hours, you don't see any change, you probably did miss it, perhaps dozed off or something, so unplug it and start all over again. And that time, be sure you don't look away. You don't want to do this a third time!
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    In addition to what mdavis said, you might consider taping your eyelids up and use a spray bottle to keep your eyes moist.
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    That seems awfully harsh. Why not wire up a photo-diode to a signal amplifier and comparator circuit and trigger an alarm when the color changes.

    (Or, you could tap the battery icon on the screen once in a while, and stop when it says 100%. Or maybe, just maybe, read the instruction book and see what it says.)
    Bob Meyer
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    ROTLF, you guys are harsh...
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    I have now taken to the resort of having a contraption like that of the horor epic. SAW. I dare not even blink.
    Ohh by the way. For all those who were doubting it, this is a fantastic improvement from the 650 and YES YES YES the call qaulity is near perfect, far better even than a Nokia. Now that is somemhing worth shouting about.
    Have fun whe you get yours.

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